Holstebro Lystanlæg 2012

Jeg lister mig afsted på tå.. LOL

Are you quite all right..? LOL

Nu det slut med at ture ååååhh åååhh åååh

Big almighty Thomas ;-)

... And it's nooo naaaij never ooooh oooh oooh...

Nice family picture :-)

How are you doing? ;-)



Holstebro Lystanlæg 23th of May 2012

Hot summer day in May, perfect for an outdoor/open air concert with Johnny Logan.
I arrived at the Lystanlæg about 16.20 - there were already people there and some familiar faces also
To my great surprise I saw that Thomas, the saxophone player, had rejoined the band after being ill for a few months. Really good to see and hear him again ... They were about to begin the sound rehearsel/tjeck as I arrived... Nice timing  
I teamed up with Lene as she arrived about an hour before it started... and then the 4 girls (who I also were expecting..) they just made in time.. but only by a sec. hehe Well I got another surprise when 3 of my familiemembers showed up also.. it was my father, brother and my mothers sister .

The first band to play was "shamrock" they played traditional irish music, it sounded really good. I took myself starring at the girl, who was playing the violin.. it was like I had seen her before.. just couldn't remember where.. but after a little bit of time, we both came to remember where we had meet before... Waxies (Irish inspired pub) in Aarhus .. what a small world we live in...
In the break I went over to say hey to Pia and we talked for a bit.

Then Logan and band went on stage  and as usually they began with playing "whiskey in the jar".. the funny thing was that "Shamrock" they last song they playedwas "Whiskey in the jar" but they just played it more traditionel like "The Dubliners". But funny to hear the two versiones of that song. Johnny has thise two songs "when a woman loves a man" and "angel" .. he sometimes ask the audience to make the choice and sometimes he make the choice himself.. in Holstebro.. he made the choice himself.. and he choosed "angel". He also sang some of the songs from his new upcomming irish inspired album and he also gave us a few info about the album.
After havning played in almost 1½ hour they went of stage and then it was time to waite...
eventhough the waiting time was about 40 minuts, my 3 familimembers had patience enough and they all got to meet and say hey to Johnny, and we got a fine familly picture taken  
Great evening with wonderful music played by some great people

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25.11 | 23:10

Han hedder Henrik P. Møller

25.11 | 19:54

Hej jeg ville høre om du ved hvad bassisten hedder?
Mvh Annika

16.03 | 21:55

... Øster Bjerregrav. Hos Hinshøj Caravan i Ålum og på bb.nemtilmeld.dk.
Dørene åbnes kl 18.

16.03 | 21:52

Hej... så er billetsalget startet til Johnny Logan koncert D. 18/11-17.
Vil du tilføje her på din side, at billetterne kan købes i Dagli'Brugsen i ....

Du kan lide denne side
Prøv at lave din egen hjemmeside ligesom mig! Det er nemt, og du kan prøve det gratis