Damhuskroen 27 maj 2011

Damhuskroen 27 of May 2011

I have ben to Copenhagen a lot of times, but I have never seen Damhuskroen, not properly. Have ben passing it in a car but that's all.. so I was a bit curious to see how it looked like. When I bought my tickets to the two concerts here I bought them with a 3 courses menu.  
I arrived to Damhuskroen aboute 16.20. When I got in, I could hear some one talking into a microphone.. the voice was familiar to me.. I knew the voice.. it was Mike I could hear.. so I got a little bit closer, to the room where they were having their sound rehearsel, just so I could hear them better. I think I sat there for about 20 minuts or so.. in that time Anders (the keyboard player) passed by twice and also one of the sound-guys passed by a few times and one of the times he asked me why I just didn't go in have a look, I told him that I didn't want to disturbe them and I would waite until they were finished.
So about 16.40 I could hear Johnny ask "are we done?" and yes they were done... So that's when I went in to say hey   Johnny saw me almost straight away and he told Mike that I was there, at first he couldn't see me because there was a post in the way, so he kept asking Johnny "where?" reply "just over there by the door"  Mike "oh there she is"..
They both came over to me and gave me a big hug asked me how I was doing etc etc. we had a nice little chat  I also asked Johnny why there were only 3 of them to the sound rehearsel, he explained that Rasmus and Mads where playing to a charity and that they would come in about half an hour before the concert is set to begin and do there own quick sound tjeck. Then we went over to some of the staff and Johnny began telling stories from when he worked in his parents pub in Dublin
All this only lasted for about 10 min or so.. the two brothers were tired so they wanted to head back to the hotel and have a rest before comming back to Damhuskroen. I went back to the lounge and waitet for it all to begin. There was a lot of people comming in, but we all have to have our table No. before we could go in, and that made a large que.. but eventually we all got in.  I got a single-tabel with a ok view to the stage, there wasn't much space over to my nabour-table, there were sitting to elderly ladies, very nice people, we talked a lot.  It was a lovely dinner, tastet very good.  I had a white jacket on I took it of an hang it on the back of the chair, it was getting a bit warm and I didn't wanted to spill on it. Then after the main course and before the dessert I wanted to get some fresh air and I asked the two ladies if they would join me, one of them said yes and I took my jacket just to see that there had ben spilled  sauce all over the back on my WHITE jacket..  OH MY GOD! well on of the waiters Carina, came quickly over to me and I explained what happend and she said that they of course would pay for the cleaning of the jacket but if they may try to get it off and I said ok.. but she came back a little while later and it hadn't gone off..  so now I could only hope for it to go off in a dry-clean..

Apart from that little sauce-episode, the evening went well.  I met Karin and Ann-Mette they had these bar-seat tickets, which means that they came in after the dinner.. about 20.30  the concert started around 21.00. We and a lot of other fans went straight up to the stage so he could see us. There were a hen party going on aswell at the JL concert.. so there was a really party atmosphere  it was a acustic set up, they started the concert as all JL concert starts.. by playing "whiskey in the jar" and then it just went from there.. Johnny had a few new jokes in the sleeve always nice with some changes in that department..  
Johnny is what I call for a loud thinker.. meaning whatever pops into his head he say it out loud.. that can be quite funny sometimes and chocking.. LOL but this time he thought about a conversation he had with Rasmus earlier on.. about a song called "she moved through the fair" a song his father had taught him. He has singed the song before, but it is not so often he sings it.. it is a lovely song.  In that same breath he also mentioned that he is thinking about making an "Irish connection ll" and that the song "she moved through the fair" is going to be found on that album.. very interesting  so maybe within the next year or so, he will start producing a new album..  
Then we jump to the end of the concert, he always gives an extra No. but this time he ask the audience what they would like to hear... and people start mumbeling and no one really says anything.. so I raise my voice and shout "One night stand" he hears that and then they play that as the extra No.  and actually they/Johnny put the song on the play list for the next two concerts  

After the concert Johnny comes out to give autographs and to be taken pictures of.. there is a lot of people.. so Karin, Ann-Mette and I decide to waite until most of the people are gone.. also because there is loud music and he is standing between the stage and this bar.. so it is very close to the speakers.. we can't understand why they have chosen that place for him to stand and not the lounge where there is more space and more quiet. Well when we were about four fans left, he aksed us to come back stage away from the loud music. We went down stairs, the rest of the band were there Anders, Rasmus and Mads was about to leave as we came... so that was more like hey and goodbye.. see ya.. to them. 
I had made a collage with pic. of Johnny and I from over the years and I had writen a letter to him, I gave him those two things and I also had a cd cover for him to sign and then the pictures.   

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Han hedder Henrik P. Møller

25.11 | 19:54

Hej jeg ville høre om du ved hvad bassisten hedder?
Mvh Annika

16.03 | 21:55

... Øster Bjerregrav. Hos Hinshøj Caravan i Ålum og på bb.nemtilmeld.dk.
Dørene åbnes kl 18.

16.03 | 21:52

Hej... så er billetsalget startet til Johnny Logan koncert D. 18/11-17.
Vil du tilføje her på din side, at billetterne kan købes i Dagli'Brugsen i ....

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