Holstebro Lystanlæg 2011

Holstebro Lystanlæg 2011

It was a wonderful concert, despite that the weather not always was behaving, it just didn't matter all that much.  Well I got ready for Jette to pick me up, she was a little late but it all worked out. We got there about 17.00 a clock. and found some fine seats near the stage. Kim Schwartz and the little band was the "warm up" show for Johnny and band. They had a quick sound rearsel before it alle began at 18.30.
Lene was going to join us about 30 min. later, so when I finaly found the right entré, because I had her ticket, so she couldn't get in before I came. When we got back to Jette and Maria (her daughter) Lene saw some people she knew and just wanted to say hello to them. Then she saw Linda and her daughter Michella, they had held us some seats up front, so we sat over there instead. Kim Schwartz and the little band went on stage first, they played for about 1½ hour and then there was a break for about 35 min. before Logan and band went on stage. But before Kim Schwartz was finished playing, we saw Johnny, Lene and I rushed over to say hey to him, we got nice hug, and a little chat. As we were stading there Lene suddenly looked choked couldn't get any word over her lips.. other than "Morten! " and I said "where".. and then I saw him.. OMG.. we couldn't belive it.. we gave him serveral BIG hugs, we were so happy to see him again  and then the rest of the band began to come out and then they all just got a big hug from us  Morten was just stand in for Anders, who couldn't be there because he had another job to do. So I said to Morten, that I thought he was playing with "på slaget 12" but he wasn't that only lasted for a short time, no now he was playing a lot of gospel.  
Well about 20.35 Johnny and band went on stage and after having played for about 30 min. it startet to rain a little and Johnny kept saying "it's not raining, we have rain in Ireland, this it not rain!" It rained for about 20 min. or so.. we survived  after the rain had more or less stopped he sang "hold me now" and the audience gave him a standing ovation.. then he was about to say that "that is the nicest thing you can do for an artist" but he reformulated it to something like this "thank you for staying though the rain and for the standing ovation, you are a great audience"  the rest of the concert went just great. 
After the concert we waitet for moste of the 2200 people to go, before we went over to see Johnny. We all got pictures taken with almost everybody and got the autographs that we wanted. This is the first time that there has ben taken more pic after a concert than to the actually concert. LOL  We had an absolutly wonderfull time that evening and Johnny got invited back next year.. that is just perfect!   

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25.11 | 23:10

Han hedder Henrik P. Møller

25.11 | 19:54

Hej jeg ville høre om du ved hvad bassisten hedder?
Mvh Annika

16.03 | 21:55

... Øster Bjerregrav. Hos Hinshøj Caravan i Ålum og på bb.nemtilmeld.dk.
Dørene åbnes kl 18.

16.03 | 21:52

Hej... så er billetsalget startet til Johnny Logan koncert D. 18/11-17.
Vil du tilføje her på din side, at billetterne kan købes i Dagli'Brugsen i ....

Du kan lide denne side
Prøv at lave din egen hjemmeside ligesom mig! Det er nemt, og du kan prøve det gratis