Lunderskov hallen 9. Sep. 2011

I arrived to Lunderskov by train around 15 a clock pm. It only took about 5 min to walk from the station to the hall. When I got there there were no sign of any musicians, only crew people and the sound man Thomas Becker was there. I walked around and asked one off the staff men if he knew when the musicians came. He told me there was arranged a soundtjeck at 4 a clock pm. So I asked the nice man (found out later his name was Mogens) if he gave a kop of coffee, and he did. I walked back into the hall and found a place to sit near the stage. While I was sitting there, I came to talk with moste of the staff, they were very interresting in hearing my story, why I'm such a huge fan of Johnny.
Then at 4.10 pm, a familiar face turned up.. it was Rasmus, and about 10 min later Anders came with the whole family  and about 4.30 pm Thomas (the saxophone player) arrived. As they had put their gear up, they had a quick sound rehaersel.. a bit after 5 pm they left. People were comming in one by one, and a few other Logan fans came to sit at the same table as I. To this arrangement you could by a "food-ticket" with your ticket to the concert or you could bring you own food. About 8 pm Johnny and the band came on stage, and what a concert it turned out to be after a few songs it said "BANG" and the sound went from loud to sielent. So what to do.. well while mr. Becker and his helpers tried to solve the problem, Johnny sang "she moved through the fair" whitout the microphone or any thing, just him singing.. it sounded SO beautifull  love when he does that. When he was finished singing the song, the el. was back in the mic. and speackers..  and then it went from there.. with a lot of clapping and standing ovation.. ect. ect. everybody had a great time. After the concert, there was a DJ playing, who played until about 1 am. After the concert Johnny had a 15-20 min. break and then he came out to give autographs.. That man has a lot of patience.. because people just kept comming, so he ended up sitting there for about 1½ hour signing autographs and be taken pic. of. Me, Jette and Maria waitet until people stopped standign in line for an autograph.. so we where the last ones we got invited back stage because Johnny and Mike was in a bit of a hurry, they should drive back to Copenhagen. But we got pic and autographs and a little chat. I also gave the two brothers a little card I had made for David, they found it cute and funny  After they left we stayed and talked to some of the staff, very nice people by the way . In all a very satisfieing evening. 

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25.11 | 23:10

Han hedder Henrik P. Møller

25.11 | 19:54

Hej jeg ville høre om du ved hvad bassisten hedder?
Mvh Annika

16.03 | 21:55

... Øster Bjerregrav. Hos Hinshøj Caravan i Ålum og på
Dørene åbnes kl 18.

16.03 | 21:52

Hej... så er billetsalget startet til Johnny Logan koncert D. 18/11-17.
Vil du tilføje her på din side, at billetterne kan købes i Dagli'Brugsen i ....

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