Ystad teater, Sweden

Ystad theater

Ystad theater, 20th of September 2011

Well better start with the beginning..  Before I went to the concert, I stayed at my auties place in KBH. for a few days before I went to Ystad. I took the train to Ystad and to my surprise, it all went without any big delays.. a positiv exprience  
I arrived in Ystad about 12 a clock (noon) and went straight to my hotel, lucky enough my room was ready, so didn't have to wait. I watch some TV, but then decided that I would go out and enjoy the good weather and see the town. Ystad has a very beautiful town center, with thiese small, old houses and other old buildings... After my walk I went back to my hotel room and relaxed for sometime before getting ready for the concert. About 18.30 I walked over to the theater but couldn't get in before 19.00 so walked back again, on my way back I ran into Mike, he was on his way to the sound tjeck, so a quick hello to him, he did for some reason not look that surprised to see me.. I wonder why.. . At 19.00 I, again, walked over to the theater and there was a lot of people there, I saw a few familiar faces Swedish Kristina and her familie  and I also saw Chrisser and Mathilde . I went over to talk to the two girls they were sitting near the stage entré, which later turned out to be a very good idea to be, because who turned up, Johnny did  Think he was just as surprised as we were, because he had not expected to see us there. We sat there a while longer and we also said hey to some of the members of the Roosarna band. 
Well the concert started at 20.00 and we had to find our seats a bit before that. 
The concert was just great, very special, never heard anything like it.. amazing. He started out by singing "Love Hurts" a song from 1984/85, he also sang "The fields of Athenry". But he also sang songs he never had singed live before, it was songs like Lenard Choens "Halleluja" and "You raise me up", which he by the way, was the first one to sing, before the record company turned it down and choosed Josh Groban to sing the song instead. 
After the concert I met up with Chrisser and Mathilde again, they were gone out to get some fresh air, so we waited together for most people to leave so that we could have a little chat with him(JL) and taken the very important photo.

They all did a great job, they sounded perfect. I'm so glad that I have had this exprience, wished I could have seen them in a chuch but can't have it all.. sadly enough. 

(the pictures are not so good because we weren't allowed to use blitz on the cameras)  

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25.11 | 23:10

Han hedder Henrik P. Møller

25.11 | 19:54

Hej jeg ville høre om du ved hvad bassisten hedder?
Mvh Annika

16.03 | 21:55

... Øster Bjerregrav. Hos Hinshøj Caravan i Ålum og på bb.nemtilmeld.dk.
Dørene åbnes kl 18.

16.03 | 21:52

Hej... så er billetsalget startet til Johnny Logan koncert D. 18/11-17.
Vil du tilføje her på din side, at billetterne kan købes i Dagli'Brugsen i ....

Du kan lide denne side
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