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It is what it is

5th of May 2017 the album "It is what it is" was released. 
The album and the songs had 30 years on the making, but it was worth the wait. It is an incredible album, everyone who has contributed to the album, has done a remarkable job. As Johnny Logan has said him self.. "it's the best since "Hold me now".. and he is so right. This new album is definitely in the same league as "Hold me now". Of course all of his other releases is wonderful too. I know it's not possible to give more than a 100%.. but with "Hold me now" and this album.. he did!
It is at least 200% heart, soul and a secret ingredient. 

What's another year

Compliation/best of cd-album from September 2016 - contains songs from the album "Love is all" and "The Irish connection" + the song "What's another year".

The way she looks at you

German CD-single from May 2015 
Johnny Logan has written the song "The way she look at you" here as a duet with the German singer Olaf Berger. 
It's also released, in an only English version, as a download/streaming in Scandinavia on the 8th of May 2015. 

The Irish Connection LIVE

DVD recording from the 5th of December 2012 in Sønderborg.
I was one of the lucky who was among the audience that evening - a great evening and experience 😀

Released in Germany on the 11th of October 2013

The Irish Connection 2 - Irish Soul

CD-album "The Irish Connection 2 - Irish Soul" released in Germany, Austria and Swiss on the 11th of October 2013.

It contains two more songs compared to the album released in Scandinavia. It is two Christmas songs "Save this Christmas for me" and " The Wexford Carol".

The Irish connection II - irish soul

Released in Denmark on the 29th of April 2013. The album is filled with old and new irish songs, and 3 songs he has written him self (Irish soul, Independant man and Ellen's song)

Johnny hans dedicated the album to his mother Ellen Sherrard, who died in July 2011.

The Irish connection

"The Irish connection" cd-album released in Germany in January 2013  


"Balladen" released in Germanie, July 2011. The album is a "best of..." album, with a mix of songs from 3 former albums; "the nature of love" 2010, "we all need love" 2003 and "Endless emotion" 1992.

Glanz Lichter

"Glanz Lichter" released in EU 2011. The album is a "best of..." album, with a mix of songs from the "the nature of love" album 2010 and "we all need love" album 2003.

Another Christmas Song

"Another Christmas song" - Download from Nov. 2010
You get suprised when you hear the song, but suprised in a good way 😀

The song is released in Denmark on the Christmas album "More Christmas" from 2010
The album is a clollection of various Christmas songs, singed by various artists.

Nature of Love

"Nature of love" cd-album from May 2010 in DK.
It is just such a great album. He has really put his life and soul in thise songs, you can feel it.
Also downloaded the singel, "last days of beautiful" from the album

Nature of Love

"Nature of Love" cd-album released in Germany in 2010

The Best of Johnny Logan

Republication of the cd-album from 1996.
This is a Greece release from 2009. 

The best of Johnny Logan

Republication of the cd-album from 1996.
Just with another cover-picture.This is released in EU 2009

Dancing with my father

"Dancing with my father" cd-singel from 2009

Irishman in America

"Irishman in America" released on the 19th of Sep. 2008 in DK.
This is the first album Johnny has produced on his own.
It is a great album, no words can discribe how good it really is.

Irishman in America

"Irishman in America" cd-album from 2008, with German cover picture.

Christmas Time

"Christmas time" from 2007 
It is a different version of the traditionel song, but it is quite good. Have it as a download and singel cd.

Living for loving

"Living for loving" cd-album from  2007.
Republication of the album from 1994

The Irish connection

This cd-album from 2007 is filled with moving and evocative Irish songs and one Australian song "and the band played Waltzing Mathilda"
Johnny really understand to interpret the songs in the most wonderfull way. Especially the song about the North of Ireland "The town I loved so well" by Phil Coulter.. it goes staight in.
Released in Denmark.

Don't cry - I love to party

"Don't cry - I love to party" cd-singel from 2006 Kaye Styles feat. Johnny Logan. Modern versions of the two eurovision songs "whats another year" and "hold me now"

A state of Happines

"A state of happiness" cd-singel from 2006.
The song was written to the Dutch national song contest. The song did ok, but didn't win.

The best of Johnny Logan

"The Best of Johnny Logan" album 2005. Just one of those albums you gotta have, just to have it in the collection.

We all need love

"We all need love" German singel from 2004.
There is a german version of "we all need love" on the cd, it is called "die liebe zälth"

Here I go again

"Here I go again" cd-single from 2004, released in Germany.

We all need love

"We all need love" German cd-album from 2004. 
There is not so many songs on this German release as there is on the album released in Denmark.

We All Need.... LIVE

DVD recording from the 10th of August 2003 in Randers - a day I'll NEVER forget as long as I live. Released in Denmark 2003

We all need love

"we all need love" released in Denmark 2003. This album is full with one great song after another, maybe because he has written the majority of the songs him self

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Cd-Single from 2002, released in Holland. Duet between André Hazes and Johnny Logan 

Let love be love

Cd-singel from 2001 with Johnny's version of Remee's "Let love be love".
Bonus track is his super great Christmassong "Save this Christmas for me".

Save this christmas for me

Johnny's first Christmassong is on this album...
It is the titel track "Save this Christmas for me" released in Denmark 2001

Reach for me

"Reach for me" cd-album fra 2001 - released in Germany

Reach for me

cd-album "Reach for me" from 2001. 
It was this album, which gave Johnny his breakthrue in Danmark and the rest of Scandinavia. It went GOLD after only 11 days. 
It is also my first Johnny Logan album and it was also what did that I came to care much more about Johnny and his music.

Taking all the blame

"Taking all the blame" cd-singel from 2001 - German release

Hold me now

"Hold me now" cd-single from 2001 - released in EU as a promotion for the "Reach for me" album

Let's Make Love

CD single from 2001 "Let's make love" feat. Belgish singer Barbara Dex.
Hard to find, but glad to finally have it 😀

Lets make Love

Cd singel from 2001 - Let's make love, feat. Natasja Crone.
Got it from my friend Jette, thank you very much

Taking all the blame

"Taking all the blame" cd-singel, released in Denmark 2001.
It is two great songs and a lovely cover picture

Hold me now

Cd-singel from 2001 with the dance version of "hold me now"

No one makes love like you

"No one makes love like you" feat. Nicole. Cd-singel from 2001. There is a German and English version on the cd.


"Music" cd-singel from 2000 feat. Johnny (singer) and Robert Wells plays the piano in the great orchestra who plays to the song.

The Lucky one

"The Lucky One" cd-singel from 2000.

The great divide

"The Great Divide" cd-singel from 2000.
It is a really god song, eventhough it is a bit sad, but sometims you just have to take the hard decisions.

Love is all

CD album "Love is all" limited club edition from 1999.

Love is all

On the cd-album "love is alle" from 1999, you can really hear just how wide  Johnny's voice goes. Specially the song "the lucky one" shows what Johnny also can do with his voice..

When Love was all

"When love was all" cd-singel from 1999.
It was just one of those singles I had to have, otherwise it would be missing in the collection

Sarah's at the window

"Sarah's at the window" cd-singel from 1999.
this one was released around the same time as the album "love is all".

Silly love songs

"Silly Love Songs" cd-singel from 1999.
Eventhough it is a cover track, I like Johnny's version of the song.

Anthem '99 - If you believe

"Anthem '99 - if you believe" cd-singel from 1999.
It was recorded in connection with the Nordic ski World Championship.
It is a great song about believing your self no matter how hard it gets.

You really got a hold on me

"You've really got a hold on me" Johnny Logan feat. Wendy Van Wanten. Cd-singel from 1998.
It is actually a really great song, it can be recommended.

What's another year

"What's another year" cd-album from 1998.
An album you definitely should by, because it contains many of the great songs Johnny released in the 80'ties including the German version of "what's another year".

Living for loving

"Living for loving" cd album from 1997. German cover picture. When you look long enough.. seek and you will find.. I did 🙂

Love to live

"Love to Live" cd-singel from 1997.
Great song and Johnny sings it, as usual, fantastic.

Version of Glory

"Version of glory" cd-singel from 1997. Quit special, Johnny sings duét with an operasinger.
So this singel is just one of those you just have in you collection. 

The love in your eyes

"The love in your eyes" cd-singel from 1996.
Not so much else to say than, this is just one more great song to the collection.

The Only thing I've ever wanted

Cd-single "The only thing I've ever wanted" released in Germany in 1996. Not easy to find this one, but I was lucky 😀


"Reunited" cd-singel from 1996.
Released around the same time as the album "Reach out". Great single, I can higely recommend the album "Reach out".

Reach out

"Reach out" cd-singel from 1996.
Also a super good single.
There is just something about the cover on this one, that I like, think it is cool. 

Reach out

The "Reach Out" cd-album is from 1996 and Johnny
has told me that it is one of the albums he likes very much and he had a good time while recording it.
I also got the "Reach out" album realesed in 1997 which have the song "version of glory" on it.

The best of Johnny Logan

"The best of Johnny Logan" album from 1996.
It is a great album, if you have this you are well on your way to know most of Johnny's songs from the 80'ties.

I'm no hero

Yet another cd-album, this is called "I'm no hero" and was released in 1996.
When I ordered this cd, I thourght I had ordered the singel "I'm no hero". But no it was the album, I later on got the cd-single 😉.

Another Lover

"Another lover" 7" vinyl+cd-singel from 1995.
this single was released around the same time he recorded the album "reach out".

Living for loving

The cd-album "living for loving" is from 1994.
There are released two similar albums, one in 1997 and one in 2007, same name and tracklist, just another cover-picture.

White Magic

This is the sound-track from the movie "White Magic" from 1994.
Just like the "I'm no hero" cd, I thourght I had ordered the single, but ended up with the album. I got the single later on. 

Voices (are calling)

Voices (are calling) 7" vinyl + cd-singel from 1993.

I'm no hero

"I'm no hero" cd-singel from 1993.
Finaly I got the single, which I thourght I had ordred when I got the album with the same name.

Celebrate and win

"Calebrate and win" cd+vinyl 7"singel from 1993.
Released in connection with some atlatic championship. The songs goes straight in. They are about not giving up, eventhough it is hard and you should never take anything og anyone for granted 

It'only tears

"It's only tears" cd-singel from 1992.
It is a great song, with depth and Johnny gives it soul.

Long lie the rivers

"Long lie the rivers" cd-singel from 1992.
On this single there is an extended version of "long lie the rivers" and it is really good version. 

Endless Emotion

"Endless emotion" cd+LP album from 1992.
1992 is a very speciel year for Johnny and maybe that is why the album is so fantastic.

How about us

"How about us"  cd + 12" + 7" vinyl singel from 1991.
It contains songs from the album "Endless Emotion" from 1992.

Love songs

"Love songs" cd-album from 1990. The titel really lives up to the contents. The album is full of great love songs.

Miss you night

7" Vinyl-singel "Miss you nights" from 1990. This record contents two wonderful songs, "Miss you night" and "the town I loved so well".
The backing group/singers on "miss you nights" are The Jordanaires, late Mr. E. Presleys backing group.  

What's another year

"What's another year" cd-album 1989. This album means a lot to me, have ben looking for it for a long time, so it was a good day when I finally found it.  

All I ever wanted

Yes finally I found this 7" vinyl- singel with this exact cover picture. "All I ever wanted" released in 1989.
Also have it on a cd-single

Old Gold

7" vinyl single "OLD GOLD - hundreds of oldies from the golden years of pop mucic" Johnny Logan - What's another year and Hold me now. Released about 1989

All I ever wanted

12"+ 7" vinly singel "All I ever wanted - extended version" from 1989. It is a different version of "all I ever wanted", it is quite good.
Also got it on a mini disc 🙂

Red lips

12" + 7" "Red lips" vinyl singel from 1989.
I didn't plan to by this record, but I did, because otherwise it would be missing in the collection.
also got it on a mini disc

Mention my name

Cd+Lp-album "Mention my name" is also from 1989 

Lay down you heart

"Lay down your heart" 12" vinyl-singel from 1988. 
I just love the cover picture.. so cute 😀 


"Heartland" 12"+ 7" vinyl-singel (extended version) from 1988. Startet to collect his vinyl records, they have some nice cover pitures.

Lonely lovers

My first 12" vinyl singel with Johnny. Lonely Lovers
(extended version) from 1988.. very nostalgisk, now I also have the 7" vinyl + mini disc

Hold me now

"Hold me now" cd+lp album from 1987, when he won the eurovison for the 2nd time and made international eurovision historie.

I'm not in love

"I'm not in love - extended mix" 12"+7" vinyl -singel from 1987.

Johnny Logan in concert

"Johnny Logan in concert" 7" vinyl singel from 1987.
It is nice when the records one is missing in the collection turns up.

Hold me now

7" Vinyl singel "Hold me now" fra 1987.
This song is more or less his most popular song ever. It became the absolutte top-score in a pole on peoples favorite Johnny Logan song.

Stab in the back

"Stab in the back" 12" vinyl - singel from 1986.
It is not easy to hear that it is in fact Johnny who sings. The music is very electro, not that is a bad thing it just witnesing how wide Johnny music genre is. 

Straight from the heart

"Straight from the heart"  and no it is not Bryan Adams.. this is a LP-album from 1985 with Johnny Logan.. and it is really good, he looked very nice back then, also.. 😉

Ginny come lately

"Ginny come lately" 7" vinyl - singel from 1985. beside the song "ginny come lately", the b-side "everytime I dream", amazing song.


"Heaven" a very rare 7" vinyl single released in Ireland, 1984. Very pleased to have it in my collection.

Becomming electric

7" Vinyl singlen "becoming electric" from 1982.
I now have the picture cover to the singel 😀

oriental eyes

"Oriental eyes" 7" vinyl-singel from 1982. 
Another great singel, with two wonderful songs on it. On the B-side you find the song "Flame" - a fantastic song.

Ich lieb' dich so wie du bist

"Ich lieb' dich so wie du bist" 7" vinyl singel from 1981. It is actually quit good in it's own way, Johnny makes german sounds ok.

Save me

"Save me" 7" vinyl singel from 1980.
He just look so cute on this cover. I got it signed when I was to a concert in Stensved. When Johnny saw it, he remembered the cover, he had gotten a lot of comments because of the very tight white pants he wears in this picture

Save me

"Save me" 7" vinyl singel from 1980.
This cover is special, because it one of the few covers were he smiles properly

Same the Johnny Logan album

Same "the Johnny Logan album" LP-album from 1980 released in Holland.

The Johnny Logan album

"The Johnny Logan album" LP from 1980.
Think it is funny to have some of his first records.

Johnny Logan album

Lp "Johnny Logan album" from 1980 with UK-cover.

What's another year

"What's another year" LP-album from 1980 - released in Ireland

What's another year

"What's another year" 7" vinyl singel 1980 - released in France

What's another year

7" vinyl-singel "What's another year" from 1980 released in Holland.

What's another year

"What's another year" 7" vinyl singel 1980 - cover picture from Holland

Was ist schon ein jahr

 "Was ist schon ein jahr" 7" vinyl singel from 1980 - released in Germany.
It is speial to hear that song in german, but it is ok when Johnny sings it.

what's another year/Por un año mas

"What's another year/Por un año mas" 7" vinyl singel 1980 -  released in Spaine

What's another year

"What's another year" 7" vinyl singel 1980 - released in Portugal

What's another year

"What's another year" 7" 1980 vinyl-singel released in Turkey.

What's another year

"Whats another year" 1980 7" vinyl-singel released in Belgium

What's another year

"What's another year" LP album from 1980, released in Greece. There are various artists singing on this album.

What's another year

"what's another year" 1980, 7" vinyl single, Irish release.

In London

"In London" 7" vinyl-singel from 1980.
Great songs, nice to have them on the org. vinyl record, with a lovely cover picture.

In London

"In London" 1980 7" Vinyl-singel released in  UK

Living for Loving

"Living for loving" 7" Vinyl single from 1980

How I just love finding new records 😀

Louisiana rain

"Louisiana rain" 7" vinyl singel from 1980.
The Cover look very much like the cover on 
"Giv a little bit more" single and the song on the B-side is the same.

Give a little bit more

"Give a little bit more" 7" vinyl-singel from 1980.
one of the very first singels he released.

In London

"In London" LP-album from 1979, released in Holland 1980

In London

"In London" 7" vinyl singel from 1979, released in Holland.

No I don't want to fall in love

"No I don't want to fall in love/ in London" 7" Vinyl singel from 1978 - released in France.

No I don't want to fall in love

"No I don't want to fall in love/in London" 7" vinyl single from 1978 - released in France by Vouge 

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