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Most people know him as Mr. Grand prix, King of the eurovision. Because of his 3 eurovision victories, as we all know are:
"What’s another year" (1980 in the Hague) he was the singer and Shay Healy was the songwriter.
"Hold me now" (1987 in Brussels) again Johnny was the singer, but he was also the songwriter.. Johnny wrote the song in 1985 based on a very important decision he took a few years before. And then finally
"Why me" (1992) this time Johnny the wrote the song, but it was Linda Martin, who sang it in Malmö. He wrote the song to his wife Ailis.

Johnny Logan is not his real name, but a stage name he was given in 1977 by a man called Roberto Danova, who was a partner in "realease records".  
Johnny's real name is Sean Patrick Michael Sherrard.

There has never been really doubt about Johnny’s taltent. He learned to play guitar by Eamon Cambell, a member of the very famous groupe "The Dubliners", who also had a huge influence on him.
Already in an age of 14 he started to play regually in pubs in Ireland. He has’n got it from strangers, his father was the famous tenor Patrick O’Hagan. When Johnny was about 9 years old he traveled with his father as his assistent, when he was on tour in AUS and NZ.
His father needed help with a lot of things because he suffered of rheumatism arthrites. His father died in 1993.

In 1976 Johnny and his older brother Michael, were playing together in a band they called "the O'Hagan brother band". It was after Johnny had ben playing Adam in the musical "Adam & Eve". He got management with Jim Hand and with his help the two brothers played together for a while. After a break from each other the two brothers began working together again, until 2016 when Michael due to illness had to cut back on work. Now Johnny has taken his son Jak under his wings and helping him to establish him as a musician in most of Europe.    

As I started out with, most people, when hearing the name Johnny Logan, think of the Eurovision. But if you look at his career, he his SO MUCH MORE than "just" Mr. Eurovision. He has done so many different things and singed so many different songs. He has ben playing King Athur in the rock opera "Excalibur" and performed at the Vatican Christmas Concert, for the Pope John Paul II. So a wide rage of music and audience.

Johnny is not only a fantasic singer and songwriter, he is also a wonderful person. He has ben though a lot in his life, there has ben ups and downs but it has all made him to the man he is today. He is a very patient man, towards his fans anyway.. 😀 He takes time to have a little chat with everybody, and we all (the fans) love him for that.

For info about mr. Logan's career visit this website:

Great articel - interview from 2002 with Johnny Logan
- It get close on him...

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